Top 5 Newest TinyTAN Must Haves

Top 5 Newest TinyTAN Must Haves - The Daebak Company

With BTS's new anthology, PROOF, just around the corner, it's time to refresh our BTS and kpop merch collections! And what better way to grow that collection than getting new TinyTAN items? Here at The Daebak Company kpop shop, we've curated a list of our 5 top TinyTAN must haves for all ARMYs, from new releases to last-minute collectibles.  

Newest TinyTAN Must Haves

#1: TinyTAN MIC Drop Slippers

Starting off strong on our list, we have the exclusive TinyTAN MIC Drop Slippers. You'll be cruising around your home stylish and comfortable with these premium slippers. They'll make you feel like you're doing a "MIC Drop" every time you enter a room while still giving you the comfort of walking on pillows. They are just that cool.

#2: TinyTAN SWEET Time Light Up Case

Glow up and gear up with this TinyTAN SWEET Time Light Up Phone Case! With a camera cover, a holographic shine, 4 light show options, and your bias paired with a sweet treat printed on it, what more could you ask for in a phone case? This TinyTAN SWEET TIME phone case line is compatible with over 10 phone types, making it a perfect case for you and your ARMY bestie!

#3: TinyTAN BUTTER Acrylic Wall Clock

With the TinyTAN BUTTER Acrylic Wall Clock, you'll be a cool shade stunner all of the time! The clock features all of the TinyTAN characters on each 45-minute interval, a BTS member for every time. It's perfect for helping you countdown to the release of PROOF!

#4: TinyTAN Tamagotchi

A new (limited-edition!) release on a throwback to the 90s! The TinyTAN Tamagotchi is an excellent companion with you as you stream the "Yet to Come" music video. Available in purple and red, you'll get the option to choose any of the TinyTAN characters!

By doing activities with your characters, such as changing their hairstyles, changing their outfits, and playing BTS-themed games with them, you'll be able to keep their stress levels down and make BTS happy. Can't get enough of Tamagotchi? Be sure to also check out the BT21 Tamagotchi for twice the fun!

#5: TinyTAN DYNAMITE Qposket (Ver. A)

The last item on our list takes us back to the special days when BTS was shining through the city with a little funk and soul with the TinyTAN DYNAMITE Qposket figurine. Choose from any of the 7 members, or better yet, all 7 for all of my OT7 ARMYs out there! You can't go wrong with this special collector's item. 

Let us know what item on this list was your favorite in the comments! We also have a list of the latest BT21 items for this summer season that you can check out.

Can't get enough of TinyTAN? Want to know where to buy BTS merch? Look no further! The Daebak Company has all of the newest and most popular Hallyu products, from Kpop merch to Korean snacks and cosmetics. \

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