7 Non Alcoholic Korean Drinks You Should Try

7 Non Alcoholic Korean Drinks You Should Try - The Daebak Company

Here at The Daebak Company, we want to bring you the ultimate Korean snacks. How about trying out the best drinks for a hot summer or a cool day in November that Koreans love? Forget the unique soju cocktails for now and enjoy cool drinks with everyone in the family with these non alcoholic korean drinks

7 Non Alcoholic Korean Drinks You Should Try

Cantata Coffee

Whether it’s the need for sweetness or caffeine, our first recommended drink is the infamous Cantata Coffee. Not only does this come in a cute can, but it’s also got a few flavors for you to try. 

You can fulfill your coffee needs with a sweet caramel macchiato, a cold brew black coffee, a premium latte, or an americano. Try a can of this Korean non alcoholic drink with your morning routine to spice up your day!

Maxim Coffee

If you love coffee, the first thing you see in the grocery and convenience stores in South Korea are Maxim coffee flavors. You may have seen these popular Korean drinks non alcoholic items at your nearest stores today!

The famous coffee brand is everyone's go-to instant coffee mix with flavors from original blends to decaf lattes. Whether you are out enjoying a summer picnic or staying indoors during winter, Maxim always has a coffee blend for cold and hot drinks!

Woobo Coconut Fizz

If you love coconut water, you'll love our next non alcoholic Korean drink pick. Woobo Coconut Fizz comes in four flavors: Real Coconut, Paradise Mango, Golden Pineapple, and (my personal favorite) Just Peachy, all containing sparkling coconut water.

It's the Korean drinks non alcoholic must-haves perfect for a hot summer day or even a palate cleanser for your next meal. You won't regret trying this one out. That's a promise!


One of the non alcoholic Korean drinks you should try is tea. If you are not a fan of hot tea, how about getting a cold one? TEAZEN teas come in different flavors popular among Kpop idols and Kdrama actors and actresses too!

BTS Jungkook's favorite is the Kombucha citron, while Kdrama actress Kim Tae Ri has a Kombucha bottle set available at The Daebak Company! Partner it with Korean food from our surprise Korean snack box subscription to level up your experience. 

Lotte’s Let’s Be Coffee

It might be hard to stay awake, especially on a long work day. Our third pick is another delicious coffee for all hard workers! Try Lotte's Let's Be Coffee drink on any day of the week for a refreshing mocha or mild flavor. 

It's a trendy coffee drink and Korean non alcoholic drink you wish you found out about sooner! Munch on an afternoon Korean snack and sip this delicious Korean coffee.

Haitai’s Bong Bong

After a long work day, pair this next Korean non alcoholic drink with a delicious side of street food. It’ll leave a refreshing taste in your mouth. Haitai’s Bong Bong drink is a satisfying grape punch that has real pieces of grape in it! Not only will you quench your thirst, but you’ll also get to have some very delicious and refreshing grapes.


After a long day at work, you finally arrive home with a much-needed dessert and non alcoholic Korean drink. End the day with this delicious yet super cool rice drink. Sikhye is a sweet rice drink that contains cooked rice at the bottom of the can. Pour yourself a glass, sit back, relax, and snack on some honey butter chips to end your night on a good note. Happy snacking!

Written by Rebeca A. 


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