Summer Delights: Delicious Korean Candies to Enjoy in the Summer Heat

dalgona candy

Summer is a time to enjoy the warm weather outside, spend time with friends, travel to all the places on your bucket list, and let go of all the stress that has built up during the year.

Whether you are trying out new ades and iced coffee flavors or trying to beat the heat with a bowl of your favorite cold noodles, there are also many Korean candies that are perfect for enjoying in the summertime!

Korean Candies - Summer Edition

1. Green Grape Candy (Chungpodo Candy)

Green Grape Candy, or Chungpodo candies, are small grape-flavored candies that are both tart and sweet.

Many Koreans opt for these fruity-flavored candies in the summertime since they are light and refreshing, meaning you won’t feel sick if you eat too many.

These candies contain 10% grape juice which gives them a fresh flavor, and are a similar size to normal grapes!

While many people don’t like the flavor of grapes or artificial grape flavoring, this candy is not overly sweet and has a subtle grape flavor, making them enjoyable for even those who don’t like the fruit.  

There are also many ways to enjoy the green grape candies, such as eating them on their own or adding them to soju, as seen in the kdrama ‘Shooting Stars.’

There is even a green grape-flavored soju that would pair perfectly with the candy, but if you don’t drink alcohol or aren’t of legal age yet, you can try them in Milkis, Chilsung cider, or any other soda that you like.

2. Jeju Orange Candies

Another popular candy in South Korea to enjoy in the summertime are Jeju Orange Candies!

Jeju oranges, or Hallabong, are known in Korea for being super sweet and having a refreshing citrus taste, so why wouldn’t you want to eat candies with the same flavors?

Jeju Island is known around the world for this fruit, so you can get a taste of how good the fruit is when eating this bright and fruity candy.

3. Dalgona (Korean Sugar Candy)

Popularized by the Netflix hit show, ‘Squid Game,’ Dalgona is a popular Korean honeycomb-toffee candy made from sugar and baking soda that can be enjoyed in the summer!

Dalgona is also super easy to make at home since it only uses two ingredients. All you have to do is melt the sugar until it’s fully dissolved and then mix in the baking soda until it turns a caramel color. 

Once you get this caramel consistency, you can pour the mixture onto a non-stick surface and press down with a flat object, like a plate or pan.

See the video below for an easy-to-follow recipe for Dalgona!

You can also check out the Dalgona Candy scene from ‘Squid Game’ below!

4. Gummy Candy

Many Koreans prefer to eat gummy or jelly candies in the summer to stay refreshed with their fruity flavors when the weather gets hot and because they don't melt like many chocolate candies.

One popular gummy candy in Korea is Crown's 'MyChew,' which is a soft, melt-in-your-mouth candy that comes in an array of fruity flavors, including apple, strawberry, orange, grape, and peach.

mychew candy

This candy can be compared to Hi-chew or Starburst, as they have the same fresh taste and soft texture as the 'MyChew's.'

Another jelly candy many Koreans like to eat during the warmer months is Orion's 'My Gummy,' specifically in the peach flavor.

This candy tastes like peach juice when you first bite into it and contains 50% fruit juice, so it's so sweet and perfect to eat when it's hot out. The candy is also shaped like a heart which is super cute!

Orion's 'My Gummy' candies also come in flavors like plum and grape, so you'll have other options if you're not a fan of the peach flavor.

5. Cotton Candy

While most people wouldn't consider cotton candy as a candy, some brands in Korea sell the sweet treat in individual packaging, so you can enjoy this fair food whenever and wherever you'd like!

One popular Korean cotton candy brand, Sugarolly, sells its pastel-colored treat in a cute pouch, so you can fit it in your bag and take it to school or work.

The cotton candy comes in the shape of a circle, with each color of the rainbow being a different layer and flavor.

You can also buy cotton candy from street vendors in South Korea, but if you want to get your hands on some immediately and avoid sticky hands from the real thing, Sugarolly, and similar brands can be found online anytime!

6. Malang Cow Chewy Milk Candy

This milk-based candy is known for having a soft texture and sweet taste and comes in three flavors; milk, strawberry milk, and banana milk.

While the idea of having a milk-flavored candy might scare some people, it doesn’t have a milky flavor; it is sweet and creamy, making it the perfect snack to nibble on in the summertime!

With the candy having a sweet milk flavor, it reminds me of Bingsu, which is a popular Korean shaved ice dessert that is often topped with fruit and condensed milk.

So if you like Bingsu, you should give this candy a try!

In the comments below, let us know which Korean candies you are most excited to try this summer!

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