ASTRO Moonbin & Sanha Kicks Off The Year With Mini Album INCENSE

ASTRO Moonbin & Sanha in white for mini album incense

ASTRO members Moonbin and Sanha have just released their third mini album, ' INCENSE.' The sub-unit debuted in September 2020 with the first mini-album 'In-Out,' featuring the title track "Bad Idea."

The duo has continued to impress AROHAS, the group's fans, with their vocal abilities, eye-catching choreographies, and album concepts that differ from ASTRO's.

Their third mini album features six new tracks, with the song "Madness" being their title track, and both members have a solo of their own. If you want to learn more about this ASTRO sub-unit, keep reading for a review of their latest album' INCENSE.'

ASTRO Moonbin & Sanha in black and white suits
@officialastro on Instagram​​

Mini Album INCENSE Tracklist

1. Perfumer

This song is the first one on the album, and despite not being released as the title track, it introduces the album beautifully, embracing the theme of ‘INCENSE.’

Although the track is the shortest on the album, with it being just over two minutes long, we still get to hear the duo’s enchanting vocals paired with a sensual instrumental.

This introductory track is also sung in English, which isn’t typical of the group and is a treat for international fans!

2. Madness (Title Track)

This track, similar to the subunits’ previous title tracks, follows a darker theme than ASTRO’s songs, making it the perfect song to tie into their discography.

“Madness” has an electric groove and shares elements of their previous songs in this sense since it is very catchy.

The track has an impressive choreography, quickly pulled off by the duo, as seen in the MV. The choreography and the song itself have a dark, mature concept, unlike many of ASTRO’s songs, giving fans a refreshing taste of the members’ duality in their music.

The MV has already surpassed 8.7 million views just four days after its release!

3. Desire

"Desire" is precisely the type of song you'd expect it to be, and it details the push and pull that happens when you fall in love with someone. This song features Moonbins' playful vocals and includes cute and sentimental lyrics like, "all I wanna do is loving you, my love."

The song reminds me of the kdrama "Business Proposal," since the male lead is drawn in by the female lead, despite her pushing him away, and will not give up until she loves him back.

4. Wish

This ballad-style track is sung by Sanha and could be an OST because of how sentimental and comforting the lyrics are.

The song showcased Sanha’s vocal color and power and gave me chills listening to it for the first time, so I can’t imagine how amazing it would be if he sang it live!

My favorite line in the song is the last, “Star, you are my everything, you’re my one and only light, I wanna say I love you out loud every single second.”

5. Chup Chup

This upbeat track details what it feels like to start falling for someone. With its catchy lyrics and bubbly sound, there's no doubt that AROHAS will have this song playing on repeat!

ASTRO Moonbin & Sanha in black suits back to back
@officialastro on Instagram​​

The choreography is also super cute and fun, which is the opposite of the title track, "Madness," which gives fans many different genres and concepts to choose from in the album.

Check out the performance for 'Chup Chup' below!

6. Your day

The last track on the 'INCENSE' mini album is "Your day." This song closes the album on a high note with its high energy and uplifting mood, and it is very much an ASTRO-style song.

The song even says, "the rhythm makes you happy," which is precisely what it does, making it the perfect track to represent the ASTRO members and end their third mini-album!

Check out the live performance of "Your day" below!

Here are my rankings for MOONBIN&SANHA’s latest album, ‘INCENSE’! 

  1. Madness

  2. Your day

  3. Desire

  4. Wish

  5. Chup Chup

  6. Perfumer

Let us know which song from the 'INCENSE' mini album is your favorite in the comments below!

Watch the comeback stage for 'Madness' above!

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