5 Kdrama Halloween Costumes From Your Favourite Kdramas

5 Kdrama Halloween Costumes From Your Favourite Kdramas - The Daebak Company

Before we begin, let’s take a moment to remember those who lost their lives during the famous Halloween celebration held in Itaewon in 2022. Daebak family extend their deepest sympathy to the families of those who lost their lives, and we wish you lots of comfort and courage during this difficult time.

Halloween is that time of the year when you get to recreate a costume from your favourite shows, books and celebrities. If you’re a kdrama fan and stuck on what to wear for Halloween… you’ve come to the perfect place! On this post you will find Korean drama outfits and kdrama costumes  such as those of your favourite Oppa, because if you can’t have him then this is your time to dress as him ;)

From your favourite kdramas such as Squid Game to Little Women, today we will be sharing with you 5 kdrama Halloween costumes that you can wear for Halloween.

5 Kdrama Halloween Costumes

1. Red Guard, Doll, Competitor, or a Finalist from Squid Game

Loved by many, Squid Game is a show which tells the story of the troubled lives of those living in poverty, and takes us through their experience of mysteriously receiving an invitation to take part in a series of survival games to win 45.6 billion won… aka a LOT of money!

All of the characters in the show involve a degree of creepiness and tragedy, which is no wonder that you’d want to dress as a Squid Game character for Halloween! From the show you could dress as a red guard, the doll, a competitor or a finalist:

Red Guard

A photo of BTS V in a red guard outfit from Squid Game

This outfit involves a simple red jumpsuit paired with a mask. You have a choice of three styles for the mask: circle, triangle and square which denote a worker, soldier and manager respectively. And if you’re an ARMY, this choice is perfect for you since BTS’ V also wore the red guard outfit during the Permission to Dance concert!

Doll Outfit

If you choose to dress as the Doll from Squid Game, you will terrify anyone who sees you. What appears to be a cute and innocent doll, is actually one that results in fatalities in the show…

Also, are you a Blink? Take a look at the photo of Lisa dressed as the doll character- her poses are so spot on haha!

Competitor tracksuit

You also have the option of dressing as one of the 456 Competitors from Squid Game. The competitor tracksuit outfit is also a good option if you want comfort! Check out the photo below of Competitor 067.

A photo of competitor 067 (Sae-Byeok)
Instagram ​​@hoooooyeony

The Finalists

If want to make your Squid Game Halloween costume stand out among others who are dressed in the theme of the show, then dressing as the finalists from Squid Game is the way to go! Dress in a tuxedo albeit bloody and wounded. Ruffled hair and a dirty face are essential to complete this look, and if you’re dressing as Sae-Byeok (067), then don’t forget the blood splatters near your stomach!

A photo of the finalists from Squid Game
Instagram @hoooooyeony​​

Choosing to dress as a Squid Game character is especially perfect if you’re looking for costume ideas to wear in bigger groups- it’ll be fun to decide who is the competitor and the guards and you can even involve a game related to Squid Game in your Halloween party!

2. Cha Hyun-Soo or Lee Eun-Hyuk from Sweet Home

A horror which takes you through a life of a troubled teenager as he finds himself in the middle of an apocalypse, Sweet Home is an excellent choice for your Halloween costume choice. Dress as Cha Hyun Soo or Lee Eun Hyuk.

Here are some photos for inspiration!

Cha Hyun-Soo (Song Kang)

A photo of Cha Hyun-Soo from Sweet Home

Lee Eun-Hyuk

A photo of Lee Eun-Hyuk from Sweet Home

Bonus tip!

Darken your under-eyes (which may already be dark from late-night binge-watching kdramas) with some makeup and add some fake blood. You could also mess with your hair a little to keep up with the theme of the show. Perfect if you’re a low-maintenance person!

3. Blue Scrubs from Hospital Playlist

If you want to go for a comfier kdrama costume, then the blue scrubs outfit from Hospital playlist is for you! This comfy outfit goes with the cosy mood of the autumn season… perhaps this is your cue to explore Korean culture and try out 5 Korean Autumn Foods that you will enjoy!

Back to the blue scrubs outfit… take a look at the photos below!

A man from Hospital Playlist
A woman from Hospital Playlist

4. Healer/Ji Chang-Wook from Healer

If you’re a big fan of Healer or Ji Chang Wook, you’ll want to re-create this look! This outfit is of the character Seo Jung-hu (played by Ji Chang-Wook) and it is also pretty easy to put together… Just put on an all-black outfit (make sure to wear a hoody) and clear glasses, and you’re set! Check out the photo below.

A photo of Ji Chang-Wook from Healer

5. Jin Hwa-Young from Little Women

I had to put this kdrama on the list of Korean drama outfits. I’ve recently finished the show and I already want to re-watch it- it’s so good! Little Women is a drama that includes many twists and mysteries, and if you also enjoyed the show then you should consider this outfit from the kdrama halloween costumes!

Jin Hwa-Young

This outfit is from when Oh In-Joo discovers Jin Hwa-Young had killed herself. Although we are not shown the full outfit in detail in the show, do not worry as this will only add to the mysteriousness of your Halloween outfit!

This Korean drama outfit offers you the flexibility to change the costume around to your liking- as long as you have the 3 features that make this kdrama outfit recognisable: long dark fur coat, a red pair of heels and the tattoo on Jin Hwa-Young’s ankle. Take a look at the photo below!

A photo of Jin Hwa-Young

What did you think of today’s post? Which one was your favourite out of the 5 kdrama halloween costumes? 

Also, Would you like a k-pop idol Halloween costume version? Let us know, we’d love to compile a list for you!

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Please remember to stay safe and healthy, and we’ll catch you in the next post!


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