Jungkook Dreamers: BTS’ Maknae Performs at The FIFA World Cup in Qatar

A photo of Jungkook and Fahad Al Kubaisi

Yet again, the multi-talented BTS Jungkook has made ARMY and BTS proud with his incredible performance for his new single Dreamers at the opening ceremony of FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022. Jungkook became the first Korean artist to perform at a FIFA ceremony, and the first artist to have an official solo track for the FIFA World Cup since Ricky Martin for France in 1998.

Like my fellow ARMYs, I’m overwhelmed with the pride and joy of this historic moment. Continue reading to find out more!

Jungkook Dreamers at The FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony in Qatar 2022

A photo of Jungkook
Twitter @​​bts_bighit

On November 20, the 97’ liner graced the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup with his new single Dreamers featuring his energetic vocals and incredible stage presence. The performance took place in Qatar's Al Bayt stadium. Jungkook performed alongside Qatari singer, Fahad Al Kubaisi, who took no time in sharing his experience shortly after the performance:

“I can’t express my gratitude and happiness for my participation in the biggest event of all time the World Cup in my country #Qatar with the talented Jung kook , thank you for everything.”

Twitter @FahadAlkubaisi

Ever since the release of Jungkook Dreamers, the single has topped iTunes charts in over 100 countries all over the world.

A photo of Jungkook
Twitter @​​bts_bighit

As Jungkook took to the stage, he was dressed in a full black outfit which complemented his body shape and charms. He wore a shining black jacket (which matched the sparkle in his eyes) over a Louis Vuitton vest top. This is paired with black cargo pants and black military boots (how very Jungkook of him, haha).

The star sings alongside dancers who are dressed in silver jumpsuits and masks, as they joyfully danced synchronised with each other. It looked incredible!

Watch the full performance below!

Watch Jungkook Dreamers Full Performance

As a moonwalker (fan of Michael Jackson) too, I got the chills watching the performance as it reminded me of Michael Jackson’s Super Bowl XXVII Halftime Show performance in 1993: BTS Jungkook’s strong moves, confidence and steady vocals. Take a look at some photos below:

A photo of Michael Jackson performing at Super Bowl Halftime Show 1993
Photo by George Rose/Getty Images​​
A photo of Jungkook
Twitter ​​@brfootball

Jungkook’s fellow BTS members also shared snippets of their youngest member’s performance on the global stage as they watched from home:

A photo from BTS V Instagram story
Instagram ​​@thv
A photo from BTS Suga Instagram story
Instagram @agustd​​
A photo from BTS RM Instagram story
Instagram @rkive​​

Jungkook Dreamers Weverse Live

BTS Jungkook later started a live stream on Vlive where he came to talk to ARMY about how he felt performing Dreamers. He told ARMY that he learned the choreography when he arrived in Qatar, and learnt the chorus part the day before. Watch it below!

Jungkook's proud hyung, Yoongi/ Suga, commented on Jungkook's live "Jungkook is all grown up!". 

“Thank you for saying you're proud of me”

Jungkook to ARMY in Weverse Live

What did you think of today’s article? Did you also enjoy the Jungkook Dreamers performance at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar? Let us know!

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Written by Sabah Hafeez

Cover photo from Twitter @FahadAlkubaisi

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