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[Hangeul Board Game] Raon 10th Anniversary Edition

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Raon is Korea's representative in Korean Board Game that has been loved the most since its first launch in 2010. Last year, 2020, they celebrated the 10th anniversary of Raon. They came up with an anniversary edition with lots of components and more rules.

What's Inside 

  • Component: Raon 10th Anniversary Edition
    Gold Printed Consonants and Vowels Tiles (100pcs)
    Cover up (5pcs)
    Velvet Pouch (1pc)
    Hourglass (2pcs)
    Rule Book (1pc)
  • Size: 230 x 230 x 65mm

How to Play 

1. All players must take eleven consonant tiles and nine vowel tiles.
2. After selecting the starting player, turn the hourglass upside down for a minute to start the game.
3. Players will form a word from the tiles they have during their turn and use up all the tiles faster than other players.

Raon 10th Anniversary Edition