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Nevertheless OST Album

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Expected release date is on August 30, 2021.

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The OST album of Nevertheless contains a total of 21 tracks that fascinated the ears of viewers. At the same time, it consists of a photobook that vividly captures the moments that cannot be missed in the drama, a post card with still cuts and autographs that highlight the visuals of the main characters, and stickers, photo films, and posters that sensibly capture many famous scenes. has been In addition to this, a tattoo sticker embodying the female protagonist's name, 'butterfly' in the play, is also a unique component, increasing the collectible value. As such, the OST album ‘Knowing You’, which has been enhanced with custom components that properly sniped the tastes of drama fans, is expected to leave a deep impression on the fans until the end.

Each album includes:

  • Photobook (88p) + CD-R + Postcard (2ea) + Sticker + Photo Film (2ea) + Tattoo Sticker + Folding Poster

Track List:

  1. 김뮤지엄 (KIMMUSEUM)- 우린 이미
  2. 나이트오프 (NightOff) - 알고있지만
  3. 박지우 - Whisper
  4. 제이유나 (J.UNA)- Butterfly
  5. 리오 (RIO) - Heavy Heart
  6. 샘김 (Sam Kim) - Love Me Like That
  7. 적재 - 나도모르는 사이에
  8. 세이수미 - SoTender
  9. SLAY, 아빈(AVIN) - Love, This
  10. 리오 (RIO) - 알고있지만
  11. 최정인 - 운명따위 없다는 걸 알고있지만, 
  12. 임미현 - 나만이아닌 걸 알고있지만,
  13. 박정은 - 이미시작돼 버린 걸 알고있지만,
  14. 옹성은 - 사랑은아니란 걸 알고있지만,
  15. 옹성은 - 변하는건 없다는 걸 알고있지만,
  16. 박정은 - 사랑따위 없다는 걸 알고있지만,
  17. 김연정 - 돌이킬수 없다는 걸 알고있지만,
  18. 윤채영 - 거짓말이란걸 알고있지만,
  19. 옹성은 - 이미끝이라는 걸 알고있지만,
  20. 신현필 - 알고있지만, 그럼에도 불구하고
  21. 옹성은 - 나비

Nevertheless OST Album

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