IU's Best Piano Score Book

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Collection of piano scores of the best 25 songs of IU (Korea's top female singer-songwriter). It contains only the most popular songs, including the latest song "Because It's My First Winter", all the songs from the album "Love Poem", and all the title songs from IU's album that has been released so far. In addition, you can check the entire performance of Ramon Piano, which is loved by YouTube for its arrangement and cover performance, with QR codes.

What's Inside

  • Components: 1 IU's Best Piano Score Book
  • Number of pages128
  • Size235 * 309 * 11 mm
  • Author: Ramon Piano (Kim Jeong-Hyeon)


첫 겨울이니까 (First Winter)
그 사람 (The Visitor)
시간의 바깥 (Above the Time)
자장가 (Lullaby)
Love Poem 
Our Happy Ending 
삐삐 (BBI BBI)
가을 아침 (Autumn Morning)
이 지금 (dlwlrma)
팔레트 (Palette)
이런 엔딩 (Ending Scene)
이름에게 (Dear Name)
사랑이 잘 (Can't Love You Anymore)
밤편지 (Through the Night)
스물셋 (Twenty Three)
무릎 (Knees)
마음 (Heart)
너의 의미 (The Meaning of You)
금요일에 만나요 (Friday)
하루 끝 (Every End of the Day)
너랑 나 (YOU&I)
좋은 날 (Good Day)
미리 메리 크리스마스 (Merry Christmas in Advance)


IU's Best Piano Score Book

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