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Jeju Travel Drawing Coloring Book

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Jeju, the place where the special scenery you want to contain in pictures unfolds endlessly! Let's meet the scenery of Jeju drawn by travel drawing artist Rimo!

Jeju is a nice and exciting place anytime you visit. If I was asked to pick the landscape of Korea that I want to keep as a picture, would Jeju be ranked at the top? The camera shutter is pressed and a picture comes to mind when looking at the scenery that exudes a different charm every moment in Jeju. Let's enjoy the time to paint these landscapes with watercolor.

This book, which contains various images of Jeju's quiet and relaxed mind captured in the emotional gaze of the artist Rimo (Kim Hyun-gil), guides anyone to easily enjoy the world of travel drawing. In addition to introducing basic tools for coloring travel drawings, simple mini-lessons are also provided so that even beginners can easily follow along. Let's immerse yourself in the charm of travel drawing by painting the scenery of Jeju that Rimo introduces with watercolor.

  • 72 pages | 372g | 230*230*15mm

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