TWOTUCKGOM Layered Ring & Autograph Necklace Set - Daebak

TWOTUCKGOM Layered Ring & Autograph Necklace Set

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Save more when buying the TWOTUCKGOM Layered Ring and TWOTUCKGOM Autograph Necklace as a set!

*Images may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the shooting time of the product.


Crystal (June - Pearl)


Blue Topaz (November - Topaz)


Blue Topaz (November - Topaz)


Garnet (January - Garnet)


White Opal (October - Opal)


Garnet (January - Garnet)


Please refer to the layered ring scheme as an example.


Please refer to the image of wearing a layered ring and autograph necklace.


It is a layered ring and an autograph necklace that shine even more when they are together.

Product Details

  • Size & Material:

Layered ring

Autograph necklace

    • Size: 34x20x2mm
    • Material: 925 silver, cubic
  • Country of manufacture:
    • Layered Ring: Korea
    • Autograph necklace: China


  1. This product is for those over the age of 14 and is not intended for children.
  2. Do not use it for any other purpose.
  3. This product secured stability against allergic reactions but may cause allergic reactions depending on the user's constitution.
  4. Plating may be peeled off depending on the degree of use of this product, and the maintenance period of the plating varies depending on the individual's wear and care.
  5. Jewelry can be worn and exposed to a variety of contact and external environments at the same time, causing the surface glow or the setting to be loose.
  6. After wearing, wipe it off with a soft cloth, and if it is not worn, there is a risk of discoloration, so keep it in a sealed plastic pack.
  7. It may be discolored or peeled off by water, perfume, hair spray, or sweat.
  8. Please be aware that wearing in a place with excessively high or low temperature and high humidity may cause product damage.
  9. Please be aware that the use of general cleaners or chemicals may damage the product.
  10. This product is made by hand and may differ slightly from the photo.
  11. The indicated size and error may occur depending on the measurement method of the product, which is not a reason for return or exchange.
  12. Some scratches during the production process of this product are not defective.
  13. Do not apply excessive force to the product or pull it excessively.