Meet ALL(H)OURS: New K-Pop Group Makes Its Debut


The global sensation of K-Pop just got a whole lot more exciting with the addition of a new group called ALL(H)OURS

Who are they and what kind of impact do they hope to make in the industry? Let’s find out!


EDEN Entertainment / ALL(H)HOURS

In 2019, former VP of JYP, Cho Hae-sung, officially debuted his first group since establishing his agency, EDEN Entertainment.

ALL(H)OURS, a seven-member boy group, dubbed Stray Kids' cousins, is the first K-Pop group to debut this year. Their music video Gotcha has garnered over 20 million views, catching the attention of Korean media and fans.

Their first mini album, titled All Ours, is an ode to their stage name, which signifies that they’ll “pour everything” they have into “every moment.”

So who are these dedicated individuals striving to become the new faces of K-Pop? 

Let’s meet the members of ALL(H)OURS, starting with the leader, Kunho


EDEN Entertainment / ALL(H)HOURS, Kunho 

Born Lee Geon-ho on April 3, 2003, Kunho is a bold and ambitious Aries.

Not only is he passionate about dancing, but he believes in the value of hard work and talent.

Fun fact about Kunho:

  • During the behind-the-scenes filming for ALL(H)OURS’s introduction video, Kunho said he missed school and expressed a deep desire to return.


EDEN Entertainment / ALL(H)HOURS, Youmin

Born Cho You-min on July 3, 2004, Youmin started his training at EDEN in December 2021 and trained under the agency for two years before becoming a pre-debut member of Daily Note, the predecessor to ALL(H)OURS.

In the future, Youmin wants to get his ears pierced and try on different types of accessories. 

Fun facts about Youmin: 

  • His favorite song is Holy by Justin Bieber.
  • He owns a bichon frisé.


EDEN Entertainment / ALL(H)HOURS, Xayden

Born Shin Jeongmin on November 6, 2004, Xayden is one of the three rappers of ALL(H)OURS.

He is an excellent dancer who attended Def Dance School, an intense training program located in Gangnam known for training idols such as LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae, EVNNE’s Keita, and BOYNEXTDOOR’s Riwoo and Jaehyun.

Fun facts about Xayden: 

  • He used to wear braces. 
  • He has a pet dog named Rushi. 


EDEN Entertainment / ALL(H)HOURS, Minje

Born Kim Minje on March 1, 2005, Minje attended Hanlim Multi Art High School, known for educating the future of South Korean entertainment.

He was part of the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment and always tried to pour 100% of his emotions into his music.

Fun facts about Minje: 

  • He currently wears braces
  • He is known for his charming personality. 


EDEN Entertainment / ALL(H)HOURS, Masami 

Born on April 14, 2005 in Osaka, Japan, Masami is the only Japanese member.

On November 27, 2023, he was revealed as the fifth member of ALL(H)OURS.

Fun fact about Masami: 

  • His MBTI is ISFP.
  • He was given the nickname Samsam


EDEN Entertainment / ALL(H)HOURS, Hyunbin

Born Lee Hyunbin on July 12, 2006, Hyunbin is a rapper, alongside members Xayden and Masami.

During their debut showcase, Hyunbin highlighted his long limbs and told reporters he wanted to be a "cool idol" like Hyunjin of Stray Kids

Fun facts about Hyunbin:

  • His MBTI is ENFP.
  • He is represented online using the cat emoji. 


EDEN Entertainment / ALL(H)HOURS, ON:N

Born Kim Ji Hwan on December 8, 2006, ON:N (spoken as ON), is the group’s maknae or youngest member.

Like bandmate Minje, ON attended Hanlim Multi Art High School where he was a student of the Department of Practical Dance.

Fun facts about ON:N: 

  • He is called the “risk taker” of the group.
  • He enjoys cooking. 

What’s next for ALL(H)OURS?

EDEN Entertainment / ALL(H)HOURS First Mini Album, “ALL OURS”

Having only debuted this month days ago, not much can be said about what’s next for the group.

However, with each member contributing a unique charm to the group's identity, their future is undoubtedly bright and full of potential.  

Who are the 5th gen K-pop groups?

According to K-media, 5th-generation K-Pop groups include ZEROBASEONE, BOYNEXTDOOR, and KISS OF LIFE.

What is SOPA?

The School of Performing Arts Seoul was founded on March 6, 1966, and is equivalent to Hanlim Multi Arts School. Notable alums include Jungkook of BTS, Bae Suzy, Jaehyun of NCT, and Joy of Red Velvet.  

What is kalgunmu?

Kalgunmu is the Korean term for in-sync dancing. K-Pop groups like Seventeen and The Boyz are known for their kalgunmu. 

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