TWICE's New English Single "Moonlight Sunrise" is Perfect for Day or Night

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Calling all Onces! TWICE is back with a new English song, "Moonlight Sunrise." Keep reading to learn more about this song that'll prepare you to dance the night away!

About Moonlight Sunrise

Moonlight Sunrise is only TWICE's second English single! The first was "The Feels" in 2021, also featured on their album, "Formula of Love."

Where to Stream Moonlight Sunrise?

The Moonlight Sunrise music video can be found on the official JYP Entertainment Youtube Channel.

Moonlight Sunrise Lyrics

Moonlight Sunrise is an upbeat kind of love song. The lyrics speak of yearning for a specific love interest or significant other. However, this yearning is in no way sad. It is more of an urgent craving for the other person. It can be seen in lyrics like "I don't even know how to talk right now, it's I need you o'clock right now."

Although brief, Chaeyoung's rap was an impactful part of the song. It helped solidify the song as fun but the grown-up release by TWICE. It has a different vibe than some of their earlier songs, such as TT or Likey. It shows that as they grow older, their music can also grow with them. 

moon with butterfly shaped key stuck inside

Visuals in Moonlight Sunrise

Some prominent symbols in the Moonlight Sunrise music video are butterflies, keys, and hearts. With the amount of pink and hearts, you could easily think this digital single was a Valentine's Day release. However, it is simply the fun and girly aesthetic of the music video.

picture of 3 TWICE members

Speaking of aesthetics, in the music video, the members of TWICE have two main outfits with contrasting aesthetics.

Each had a light outfit full of frills, lace, and skirts. With all the ruffles and other fashion elements, the light outfits resemble a royal princess aesthetic. By contrast, they also had dark outfits with fur elements. Additionally, the dark outfits had a lot of fun accessories like gloves, hats, and chokers.

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